Accruent Meridian Explorer 2020 User's Guide

Export a Package

Exporting a package adds the documents in the package to the Accruent Publisher queue and assigns them to the publishing job that is set in the Destination property of the package. You may also specify the name of a recipient to be notified about the package and specify what document content to include in the package.


The total size of the package cannot exceed 4 GB.

To export a package:

  1. Convert an existing public collection into a package as described in Create a Package.


    In the Collections view, right-click the name of the package that you want to export and then click Edit on the context menu that appears. The EDIT dialog box appears.

  2. On the DESTINATION page, click options or type values using the descriptions in the following table.
  3. If you do not have sufficient rights to export packages, then in the toolbar, click Request. The status of the package is changed to Ready for Export and any user with sufficient rights can start the export. You will receive an email notification when the package has been sent to the destination.


    If you do have sufficient rights to export packages, then in the toolbar, click Send package. The package is exported and you can continue working. Hyperlinks to the transmittal sheet and to the package at the destination appear at the bottom of the page.

    The server will perform the following in the background:

    • Create project copies in the source vault of any master documents in the package. If the package is linked to a project in the vault, the project copies are locked to the project if the publishing job is configured to do so.
    • Synchronize the project copies from the vault to the Explorer repository.
    • Replace any master documents in the package with the project copies.
    • Send the package to the destination system.
    • If the destination of the package is Meridian Portal, send an email notification to the recipient of the package.

    These actions take time and they may need to wait for other jobs on the server to complete before they can start. You can monitor the status of the package as described in View And Edit a Package.

Package destination options
Option Description
Destination page


The email addresses of the persons that will be notified about the package.


Type the description of the package as you want others to see it. If you want to type more than 256 characters, enter them in the Note text box on the Profile page instead.


Select a publishing job from the list with which to export the package and type the reason for the package in the text box.


Select an option for the document content that you want to include in the package.

Related Project page

Select project

Select a project name to which to link the package. Only available when a project has not yet been selected and the package is empty. Required to enable the Send Package command.