Accruent Meridian Explorer 2020 User's Guide

Introducing Accruent Meridian Explorer

The Accruent Meridian Explorer provides an innovative way to browse and search for documents and tags stored in one or more vaults. The main benefits of the Accruent Meridian Explorer are its powerful search, ease of use, extensive configurability, and scalability. You can easily navigate your way to the document you need and view its information with just a few mouse clicks. The Accruent Meridian Explorer provides you with text search capability on both custom metadata properties and document text content. You can also find documents by navigating a folder tree. Best of all, you can search a repository interactively by selecting from specific property values found in the current search results. With this method, you can quickly narrow your search from potentially hundreds of thousands of documents to just the documents you are interested in. Search results are presented in tabular format or as easily recognizable thumbnail images.

Note: Meridian Explorer manages documents and tags very similarly. Therefore, they are referred to collectively as items in this manual in the topics that refer to both documents and tags.

This manual will guide you through these and other useful features. You can begin by exploring the Home Page page.