Accruent Meridian Explorer 2020 User's Guide

Download Files

Downloading files from Meridian Explorer creates copies of the files in a location on your PC that you specify. Where files are downloaded to and what action is performed after the files have been downloaded are configured as described in Configure Options.

  • For this command to succeed, you must be assigned a permission level that includes the appropriate permission for the current file, Download native document or Download rendition.
  • You will be denied access to download a batch of documents if you do not have permission for all of the documents in the batch.
  • This command is not available if you opened the repository from Meridian Portal.
  • The Download to Folder and Download Rendition to Folder commands require Meridian Enterprise Application Integration be installed on the PC.

To download files:

  1. On any view page, select the documents in the results list that you want to download.
  2. In the Review ribbon, click Download., Download to Folder, or Download Rendition to Folder.


    Right-click the document's row in the results list and on the shortcut menu that appears, click Download.

  3. If the Prompt before download option is enabled as described in Configure Options, the Download Documents dialog box appears and shows the destination of the files. Otherwise, the files are downloaded to the location specified as described in Configure Options.

    • To view the contents of the destination folder, click the hyperlink. The destination folder is opened in Windows Explorer.
    • To view the current download options, click Options. The BlueCielo Upload/Download Control dialog box appears. To modify the options, continue as described in Configure Options.
    • To download the documents using the current options, click Start. The files are downloaded and other actions might occur depending on the current options.