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BCFieldPathDefinition Properties

The BCFieldPathDefinition type exposes the following members.

Public propertyCreatableFolderTypes
Gets the collection of allowed folder types.
Public propertyDisableAMFolder
Gets or sets a value indicating whether to disable AMFolder.
Public propertyDisplayName
Gets or sets the display name of the definition.
Public propertyDragDropAllowed
Gets or sets a value indicating whether dragging and dropping of folders is allowed in the Field-Path definition.
Public propertyExtendable
Gets the extended object.
(Inherited from BCRepositoryObject.)
Public propertyID
Gets the value that uniquely identifies the definition.
Public propertyIsDisposed
Gets a value indicating whether the object has been disposed of.
(Inherited from DisposableObject.)
Public propertyLevels
Gets the collection of levels.
Public propertyName
Gets the internal name of the definition.
Public propertyNameParts
Gets the collection of name parts.
Public propertyNextNamePartSequence
Increases and gets the next name part sequence number.
Public propertyRepository
Gets the repository to which the object belongs.
(Inherited from BCRepositoryObject.)
Public propertyRootFolder
Gets or sets the root folder of the Field-Path definition.
Public propertySecurable
Gets the secured object.
(Inherited from BCRepositoryObject.)
Public propertyUnderlyingObject
Gets the underlying wrapped object.
(Inherited from DisposableObject.)
Public propertyUserCanChangeDocumentName
Gets or sets a value indicating whether the user can change the proposed document name.
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