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BCDocumentGetStreamPath Method
Get the document stream path.

Namespace: BlueCieloECM.InnoCielo.Meridian.Server
Assembly: BlueCieloECM.InnoCielo.Meridian (in BlueCieloECM.InnoCielo.Meridian.dll) Version: (
public string GetStreamPath(
	BCDocumentStreamKind WhichStream = BCDocumentStreamKind.Default,
	bool RelativePath = true


WhichStream (Optional)
Type: BlueCieloECM.InnoCielo.Meridian.ServerBCDocumentStreamKind
Kind of document stream BCDocumentStreamKind.
RelativePath (Optional)
Type: SystemBoolean
If true, the stream path will not include stream server root path.

Return Value

Type: String
Document stream path
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