Accruent Meridian Enterprise 2021 User's Guide

Edit the Rendition Properties

How renditions are generated is controlled by a set of properties for each document. You can modify these properties to meet your specific rendition requirements..

  • Publisher supports hybrid document publishing and rendering when the source and destination systems are both Meridian Enterprise. It is supported only if no rendering is performed or if the AutoCAD rendering module is used. Hybrid parts are not rendered or published if the AutoVue rendering module is used.
  • These properties only affect renditions created by Publisher rendering jobs. They do not affect viewing PDF source documents, which uses the default settings and are not configurable.
  • These properties may be set for batches of documents using the Set Property Value command described in Set a Property Value. However, in PowerUser only the properties with lookup lists are available for setting. They are all available in PowerWeb. You may not set unlisted values for properties with lookup lists even if you have the privilege to do so. No error message will be displayed and the value will not be changed.

PowerWeb instructionsPowerUser instructionsTo edit the properties of a document that control how it is rendered:

  1. Select the document for which you want to edit its rendition properties.
  2. Click the Rendition tab. The Rendition property page appears.
  3. Click Edit. The properties become editable.
  4. Click options or type values using the descriptions in the following table.
  5. Click OK to save your changes.
Rendition properties
Property Description

Page Layout

The view within the source document to render.

Page size

The size of the page to render to. The available sizes are those that are defined on the Meridian Enterprise Server computer where the document will be rendered.

Page orientation

The orientation of the page to render to: Landscape or Portrait.

Render color

The color depth to render to: Color or Black and white.

Pen settings file

An AutoVue pen settings filename to apply to the rendition. File names are those that are available on the Meridian Enterprise Server computer. Applicable only if the publishing job is configured to use the AutoVue rendering module. For information about the available pen settings files, consult a system administrator.

XOD Resolution

Select a value at which to view and generate renditions with PDFTron. Lower values may lack sufficient clarity. Higher values may cause slower viewing and publishing.
Print Quality Print quality to use with PDFTron. You can enter a value between 1 and 15. Higher values result in higher quality, but takes longer to render. Values between 3 and 6 are suitable for most purposes. Beyond 6, quality increases by diminishing amounts. If no value is set, the default value of 1 is used.
Layer translation table

Layer translation table to use for translating the document layers when generating a PDF rendition from the document. Translation tables are created by your administrator in the Meridian Enterprise Server Administration Console. The field is hidden if the vault has no layer translation tables.