Accruent Meridian Enterprise 2020 User's Guide

Meridian Clipboard

When you need to copy or move multiple items, PowerWeb provides a clipboard to make these tasks easier. The clipboard works similar to the Windows clipboard except that it doesn’t contain a copy of the items' content. The clipboard remembers the items that you have added to it regardless of your current view of the vault.

You can cut (move) or copy items to the clipboard from one location and then paste them into a different location. Each time you place items on the clipboard, its previous contents are cleared so that you can start over with a different set of items.

To copy or move items using the clipboard:

  1. In any navigation view, select the items that you want to move.
  2. In the Vault ribbon, click Cut to Clipboard or Copy to Clipboard.


    In the shortcut menu, expand Vault and then click Cut to Clipboard or Copy to Clipboard.

    The current contents of the clipboard, if any, are cleared and the selected items are placed on the clipboard. A corresponding icon appears in the navigation view to the left of the name of each item on the clipboard, whether cut or copied . A clipboard icon appears in the toolbar and indicates how many items are on the clipboard, for example, five .

  3. Navigate to the location where you want to copy or move the items to.
  4. In the Vault ribbon, click Paste from Clipboard.


    In the shortcut menu, expand Vault and then click Paste from Clipboard. If the current view is a navigation view and not the Folders view, a folder selection dialog box appears.

    • Select a destination folder and then click OK

    If the document type of the source item has been configured to show property pages for the Copy Document command, the pages are shown with the source item’s property values as defaults.

    • If necessary, type or change property values for the items and click OK.

The items are copied or moved to the selected location depending on how they were placed on the clipboard. If you clicked Cut to Clipboard in step 2, they are moved to the folder selected in step 3. If you clicked Copy to Clipboard in step 2, they are copied to the folder with the same file content as the source items.