Accruent Meridian Enterprise 2020 User's Guide

Inventor Models

The AutoCAD VIEWBASE command can be used to insert a read-only view of an Inventor model into AutoCAD paper space. The Meridian AutoCAD link can automatically create Meridian references from the AutoCAD drawing to the Inventor project to show and help manage this dependency. For these references to be created, the Inventor model and the AutoCAD drawing must both reside in the vault before the model view can be inserted into the drawing.

After a reference has been made, the AutoCAD drawing can be opened as normal with these limitations:

  • The Inventor model must be downloaded to your local workspace before the drawing is opened. When the drawing is opened, an unresolved reference error can occur. You can either click Change the active project and then select the Inventor project or you can click Ignore unresolved references and continue.
  • If you rename or move the Inventor model, the reference will not be automatically updated, you must do it manually.

The Assembly Import tool does not support importing an AutoCAD drawing with references to an Inventor model that resides in the vault. After the drawing is imported, open the drawing in AutoCAD and save it. References to the Inventor model will then be created.

This functionality requires the setting InventorRefSupport be set to 1 in the vault configuration as described in Configuring advanced settings.