Accruent Meridian Enterprise 2020 User's Guide

Personal Preferences

Although most aspects of PowerWeb behavior are controlled by a system administrator, you can modify some options to suit your own preferences.

PowerWeb instructionsTo set your personal preferences:

  1. In the context bar, click your name, and then click the Preferences. Or select Preferences from the Miscellaneous section of the document, folder, or selection shortcut menus. The Change Preferences page appears.
  2. Select options using the descriptions in the following table and click OK.
Personal preference options
Option Description

Use Oracle AutoVue Client/Server deployment to view documents

Replaces the viewer with the AutoVue Client/Server (Java applet) viewer. Your organization must have an available AutoVue rendering server and AutoVue application server to use this option. Consult a system administrator for the URLs to type for this option.

Site cache mode

Select this option if a system administrator has configured a site cache server for the users at your location and has given you the URL to enter as described in Configure Local Workspace.

Meridian Application Integration must be installed on your PC. If any file conflicts occur with the local workspace copies, the errors will appear in the progress dialog box that is shown when the command runs.

If you will work under a different account in the site cache server’s domain or if the site cache server is behind a proxy server, configure the settings described in Configure a Site Cache Connection.


Do not work on the same document from more than one PC in Remote mode with this option enabled or document content inconsistencies can occur.

ActiveX compatibility mode

Select this option if PowerWeb components are installed on your PC. This option and those shown by Document Transfer Options and Viewer Options are supported only on Internet Explorer.

Click Document Transfer Options to set your personal preferences for downloading documents. Only available if Site cache mode is disabled, ActiveX compatibility mode is enabled, and the ActiveX components are installed on the PC.

Click Viewer Options to set your personal preferences for the viewing window. For more information, see Change Viewers. Only available if ActiveX compatibility mode is enabled and the ActiveX components are installed on the PC.


The name of the PC on which you are working. This is used to lock files that you modify to the PC and to prevent them from being overwritten by changes made at another PC. This is set automatically by default under most circumstances and cannot be changed.

If this option is empty in your environment, enter the name of the PC on which you are working. If you typically work from multiple PCs, enter the name of the PC where you typically make changes and the documents will be locked to that PC.

You cannot transfer documents that are currently locked from one PC to another. To make changes to documents that are currently locked to a different PC, first unlock them on that PC and then lock them on the other PC as described in Lock And Unlock Documents.

View renditions

Whenever a document is viewed, displays the rendition of the selected document instead of the source file. This includes the Compare command described in Compare Files.

Create thumbnails on import of document

Generates thumbnail images of new documents you upload to the vault.

Remember location in vault between sessions

When you start a new PowerWeb session, opens the vault to the last document you viewed.

Update thumbnails when releasing Quick Change

Refreshes thumbnail images of documents you upload after making changes.

Show ribbon menu

Shows horizontal ribbon style menus similar to the Microsoft Office applications instead of classic menus and the toolbar. For more information about the appearance of the menus, see PowerWeb.

  • Enabling this setting is not compatible with the UseStaticTree registry setting enabled as described in the Accruent Meridian Enterprise Administrator's Guide.
  • Disabling the ribbon menu will disable access to some commands and features that are not accessible otherwise.

Current time zone

Select your local time zone so that time data is displayed correctly.

Use custom color scheme

Displays PowerWeb using an alternate color scheme. Select a scheme from the list. For information about customizing the available color schemes or creating new ones, see the Accruent Meridian Enterprise Configuration Guide.


Select your preferred language for the user interface text.

  • The selected language should match the specified Windows locale.
  • This setting does not currently affect the viewing window or the ActiveX download dialog.


Select your preferred locale for the format of dates. For more information about how this setting affects date formatting, see HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Cyco\AutoManager Meridian\CurrentVersion.