Accruent Meridian Enterprise 2020 User's Guide

Configure a Site Cache Connection

A site cache is a temporary storage location for frequently used documents. The site cache is located on a web server that is geographically closer to you than the Meridian Enterprise server from which the documents came. This improves performance when you work with the documents that are cached in the site cache. In certain cases, you must configure the connection parameters for the site cache before you can use it.

Meridian site caches support several types of user identities:

  • User account logged on to PowerWeb. This is the default and you do not need to configure your account credentials.
  • Foreign user account credentials provided to you by the vault owner.
  • OpenId single sign-on account credentials

Normally, you work in Meridian under your own account – the account with which you logged on to Windows and your organization’s security domain. There might be circumstances in which you need to work in Meridian using a different account, such as an account provided to you by the vault’s owner, which can be a different organization with a separate security domain.

An example of such a circumstance is if you are contractor working for another organization. You log on to your own network and use PowerWeb but you need to access the other organization’s vault with different account credentials that they provided to you. Meridian allows you to enter a different account name and password to connect to the vault while remaining logged on to your own Windows account and local security domain.


Working under a different account will create document copies in a new subfolder of the local workspace on your PC . By default, the local workspace folder is located at C:\BC-WorkSpace. The subfolder name will be the different account name, not your normal account name.

You must configure the connection parameters for the site cache if you will connect using:

  • Foreign account credentials as described above
  • OpenId account credentials that are also used for single sign-on to your Meridian Cloud account
  • A proxy server with any account credentials

These tasks require that Meridian Application Integration is installed on your PC.

PowerWeb instructionsTo configure a site cache connection:

  1. Log on with PowerWeb normally as described in Log On.
  2. Set the Site Cache URL option for your local workspace to the URL of the vault owner’s site cache server as described in Configure Local Workspace.
  3. Right-click the Accruent Site Cache Log icon in the system tray and click View Log. The Accruent Site Cache Log dialog box appears.
  4. Click the down arrow next to the Connect toolbar button and then click Connection Settings from the shortcut menu that appears. The Connection Settings dialog box appears.
  5. Click options or type values using the descriptions in the following table.
  6. Click OK. You are connected to the site cache.
Site cache connection options
Option Description

Use external authentication

Enable this option if your connection to the site cache server will be authenticated by the same OpenId authorization service that is used by your Meridian Cloud account.

Tenant Name

The name of your organization’s Meridian Cloud account. The OpenId authentication provider information will be retrieved from Meridian Cloud and used by the local workspace client to connect to the site cache server.

User Name

Type the user name that was provided to you by the foreign vault’s owner.


Type the password that was provided to you by the foreign vault’s owner.

Use workspace

When enabled, places temporary copies of documents in your normal local workspace just as if you were working in a vault in your own domain. When disabled, places temporary copies of documents in a separate local workspace folder with the name of the account specified for User Name.

Proxy Settings group

Proxy address

Type the URL of the proxy server through which to connect to the site cache server.

Proxy user name

Type the name of a user account that is authorized to connect to the proxy server.

Proxy user password

Type the password of the account specified for Proxy user name.

Save credentials

If enabled, the connection credentials are stored encrypted in the registry of the PC and are reused to connect the next browser session.

PowerWeb instructionsTo resume working in a vault in your own network with your own account:

  1. Repeat step 2 above and reset the Site Cache URL option for your local workspace to the URL of your organization’s site cache server.
  2. If you will be working in PowerWeb with external (OpenId) account credentials, clear your browser's cookies, which retain your previous connection info.
  3. Repeat step 4 above and but click Logout. You will be logged out and the Meridian Cloud authentication page will appear to confirm this. After a few seconds, the login page will appear and you can enter your normal credentials.