Accruent Meridian Enterprise 2020 User's Guide

Configure Local Workspace

You can configure numerous options that control the way local workspace behaves.

PowerWeb instructionsPowerUser instructionsTo configure your local workspace options:

  1. Right-click the Accruent Application Integration icon in the system tray, point to Local Workspace, and select Options. The Local Workspace Options dialog box appears.
  2. Select options using the descriptions in the following table and click OK.
Local workspace options
Option Description

General page


Select this option to enable local workspace synchronization in the background while you work. If this option is cleared, changed and new documents will not be synchronized to the vault.

Start synchronization every

The interval in minutes between synchronization attempts. Reduce this interval if other users need to see your changes sooner. Increase this interval if there are many users on the system or performance is low. The default is every 30 minutes.

If you also want synchronization to occur at a specific time, at the beginning or end of your work day, for example, click Set Schedule and create a background task.

Use in Offline and Remote modes

Enable this option to synchronize the vault while you continue to work in Offline or Remote mode.

Synchronize recently accessed writable documents only

Skips synchronization of changed documents that are read-only, such as any documents that are still open in other applications that open documents in exclusive mode.

Disk space on drive C:

The amount of disk space used, free, and used by local workspace.

Maximum amount of disk space to use for Local Workspace

The amount of disk space used for local workspace can affect system performance. The more documents that are stored there, the more documents Meridian Enterprise must compare against the vault copies. Set this option to the lowest size that retains the documents you are actively working on. The default is 750 MB.

Site Cache page

Site Cache URL

If you always use the same site cache, click Select manually and then type the URL of the site cache server for your location. If you do not know the URL, ask a system administrator. If you use Meridian Cloud, enter https://<CloudAccountName>/ and also set the Use external authentication and Tenant Name options described in Configure a Site Cache Connection.

If you use more than one site cache (with a notebook PC at different geographical locations, for example):

  1. Click Select from list.
  2. In Enter the Meridian web address (URL), type the URL of your nearest Meridian Enterprise web server.
  3. Click Get Site Caches. The names of the site cache servers that are registered on the specified Meridian Enterprise web server are added to the drop-down list.
  4. Select the desired site cache server from the drop-down list. The site cache server that your system administrator has set as the optimum one for your current IP address will appear with the prefix Preferred:. The name is also set in the Select manually field so that the server will be automatically reconnected if the connection is dropped.
  5. Click Apply to save your changes. Click OK to connect to the new site cache server.

Also enable these options:


Do not work on the same document from more than one PC in Remote mode with this option enabled or document content inconsistencies can occur.