Accruent Meridian Enterprise 2020 Configuration Guide

Create a Project Definition

A project definition is a template for creating project folders. Project definitions have the following configurable characteristics:

  • Identification properties
  • An associated custom folder type
  • An optional restriction against creating project folders from the project definition at the root level of the vault

If the Advanced Project Workflow Module is enabled for a vault:

  • A configurable workflow made up of states and transitions that can have property assignments and display wizard pages
  • Optional sub-projects that may be nested within the project definition
  • Interlocks, which enforce rules for the synchronization between project definitions and sub-project or document workflows

You must have the Change Configuration privilege to configure project definitions. It would also be very helpful to first diagram on paper the project workflows for which you want to create project definitions and list any dependency rules that may be required between the projects, sub-projects, and document workflows.

To create a project definition:

  1. Open Meridian Enterprise Configurator.
  2. Use one of the following methods to add a new project definition to the configuration tree:

    • Select New Project Definition from the Edit menu.
    • Click the New Project Definition button .
    • You can also create a new project definition by right-clicking Project Definitions in the configuration tree in the left pane and choosing New Project Definition.
  3. Type information on the General tab for the options described in the following table.
  4. Click OK to save the project definition.
Option Description

Display Name

The editable name of the project definition as seen by users. Required.


The permanent internal name of the project definition. Required.


A description of the project definition for system administrators. Optional.

Folder type

The folder type that will be used to represent the project definition in Navigation views seen by end users. If no folder type is selected, normal folders will be used.

Can be created in the vault root

Controls whether or not the project folder can be created at the root level of the vault or must be created at lower levels of the vault. Optional.


This option only controls the creation of projects at the vault root level. It does not prevent projects from being created elsewhere then being moved to the root level.

  • If you select a folder type that was created to be used exclusively for a project definition, you should enable the Can be used for projects only option on the General tab of the folder type. This will prevent the folder type from showing in the Meridian Enterprise clients and inadvertently being used to create non-project folders.
  • To configure a vault to automatically create project folders and sub-folders, set the following options as described in the Accruent Meridian Enterprise Configuration Guide:

    • Configure the Field-Path Definition with one or more sub-folders below a project folder level.
    • Assign a default folder type to the project folder level in the Field-Path Definition.
    • Configure the default folder type to only be used for project folders.
    • Assign only one project definition to the default folder type.

This completes the basic configuration of a project definition. You can now continue to configure the project definition in any of the following topics.