Changing documents in Meridian Portal

In this usage scenario, master documents that reside in a Meridian Enterprise vault and that require revision by external business partners can be sent to Meridian Portal as illustrated in the following figure. This is done by creating working copies of the master documents and placing them in Meridian Enterprise project folders. These folders are linked automatically to corresponding Meridian Portal project repositories. The working copies can then be sent (copied) to Meridian Portal where they can be downloaded by external business partners, revised, and uploaded back to the project repository along with new documents that are also part of the same project. The revisions and new documents can be checked for standards compliance, reviewed for technical accuracy, and then released back to the originating project folder in the Meridian Enterprise vault. From there, they can be released as new revisions of the master documents.

These special features can be found in the Meridian Enterprise PowerUser application and in PowerWeb.

The following topics describe each of the tasks supported by this usage scenario.