BlueCielo Meridian Enterprise 2018 User's Guide

About Meridian Power

Meridian Power lets you work with vaults in a supported web browser. It’s a lightweight and easy to use alternative to PowerUser.

Meridian Power works nearly identical to Meridian PowerUser except for the following limitations:

Meridian Power limitations
Feature Alternative

Window layout

Not supported

Local PC document templates Not supported

Thumbnail view

Not supported

Assembly import tool

Working with packages


Working with packages

Email integration

Emailing documents

History baselines

Not supported

Scanner support Not supported
Global Collaboration Framework support Not supported
Saved search settings Creating and editing a collection
Unlock a master document that is the current document Unlocking a master document from the project copy
Expand all folders in navigation trees Not supported

Some VBScript objects, properties, and methods

See the BlueCielo Meridian Enterprise VBScript API Reference

You can find topics that describe how to use Meridian Power to perform common tasks throughout this guide. Specific instructions for Meridian Power are indicated by this icon .

  • If you will be viewing documents or making changes to them with Meridian Power, only log on to Meridian with the same account with which you logged on to Windows. This will ensure that the correct versions of documents are managed in your local workspace.
  • If you will be making changes to documents and your connection to the Meridian application server is not over a LAN, set Application Integration to Remote mode as described in Setting Application Integration options. This will synchronize the vault with your changes using the Internet for best performance and reliability.

The following figure identifies the various areas of the Meridian Power window when browsing a vault.

The following table describes each area of the application window.

Features of the Meridian Power window
Number Name Description


Ribbon/menu bar

Ribbon of Meridian commands. The commands listed on the various menus are the same as those on the shortcut menu. At the right end of the bar are a list for changing the current vault and an icon to log off.

Note    If the Show ribbon menus option is disabled as described in Setting personal preferences, the menu bar appears below the context bar instead of the ribbon.


Context bar

On the left side, provides lists for changing the current time context, scope, and navigation view. On the right side, provides icons to change your preferences, view this User's Guide in a browser window, and log off.



Property page tabs

Click to display sets of related properties for the selected item. The quantity and names of property pages varies with the currently selected item or document type. If the document is a hybrid, a special Hybrid Parts property page tab appears at the right side that will show a list of the available hybrid parts for the selected document.


Document pane

Displays the property pages for the selected item, if one is selected. Activate shortcut menus as described in Understanding the shortcut menus.

If no document or folder is selected, a General property page shows applicable information for the various types of views that are active in the navigation pane:

  • Navigation views – shows a hierarchical view of the properties that define the selected branch and their values.
  • Collection views – shows the collection search criteria, which can be changed to refine the collection.
  • Search Results – shows the search criteria, which can be changed to refine the search.


Navigation pane

One of various hierarchical views of the vault contents. Select another view from the list in the context bar. Activate shortcut menus as described in Understanding the shortcut menus.

6 URLs

Addresses of the selected document and its rendition (if available) that you can copy to the Clipboard and paste in other documents or systems to create a link to the document.

7 View bar Click an icon to show related read-only data in the document pane. The available views are Document, View Document, View Rendition, References, Revisions, Master and Project Copies, and Tags. Each view (except Document) can be undocked as a separate window.

As with most web pages, blue text in Meridian Power indicates a hyperlink. Meridian Power displays hyperlinks for opening folders and the document log.

Warning    Meridian Power saves session information on a per-user basis. This differs from PowerUser, which saves information on a per-session basis. To prevent errors and lost data, do not log on to multiple sessions of Meridian Power simultaneously with the same user account.