Accruent Meridian Explorer 2020 User's Guide

Import an Import Package

After you have scanned an import package and approved the results as described in Scan an Import Package, it is ready to import.

  • You must have the Import permission in the import profile that is assigned to the package in order to perform this task.
  • Items that import successfully invoke all the same Meridian Enterprise VBScript events as if the item were created by a user, for example, the DocGenericEvent_BeforeNewDocument and DocGenericEvent_AfterNewDocument events. If the destination vault implements customization using these events, consider what effects importing a package may have before you import the package.
  • When you import packages that contain multiple rows of metadata related to a single document (multiple revisions or hybrid documents, for example), if content cannot be found for any of the documents but the Process the package without document files option is disabled and the Missing content option is set to Import empty document instead of Skip, any files that are missing from the package will fail to import (as expected) but the main document will be left in the Under Change state in the vault instead of Released. This is because the main document is placed under change at the beginning of the import but it cannot be released at the end of the import because some of its dependent files failed. The main document must be released manually.

To import an import package:

  1. Open the list of import packages as described in View And Edit an Import Package.
  2. Select the import package that you want to import and then in the toolbar, click Start import. A background task is started, the status of the import package changes to Importing, and the icon of the import package changes to reflect its status.

    When the process has completed, the status of the import package will change to either Import (successful) or Failed (failure) and a confirmation dialog box will appear. Click OK.


    An item can fail to import for many reasons. The most common are:

    • The import profile of the package has the Validate property on import option enabled and a property failed that validation.
    • The document contains external references and one or more files are missing from the package.
    • The item is a new revision of an existing item in the vault and that item is locked.

    To determine why a particular item failed to import, see the text shown next to Action taken and Comment in the detail pane of the item in the import package. Also review the audit log for the package as described in View the Import Audit Log.

  3. To halt the import process, in the toolbar, click Abort importing. The background task is aborted and the status of the import package reverts to its previous state.