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The Meridian Enterprise events

Meridian Enterprise event procedures allow you to customize the way the system works by adding your own functionality onto what the system already does. When a user executes certain commands in one of the client applications, the system performs a sequence of actions. At various steps in the sequence, the system declares that an action (event) is occurring to which VBScript can react. The system checks for the definition of a specific VBScript procedure (event handler) that corresponds to each event. If the procedure exists, the system executes it before proceeding on to the next step in the sequence. All VBScript event procedures are stored in a code block in the vault separate from the code blocks for the configuration expressions.

Event procedures are more powerful than configuration expressions. Each configuration expression is a single statement to be evaluated. Event procedures can contain many statements and provide additional advantages. Event procedures can:

The available event procedures is described in the following topics.