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Replacing the JavaScript files

The JavaScript files that are supplied with the Asset Management Module are identical to the original Maximo files except that they already have an inline frame inserted into them that references Meridian Explorer. These references will show the related Meridian Explorer repository documents on the Linked Documents pages.

Before you begin

If you have customized the Maximo linkdocs.jsp files, replacing them with the Asset Management Module files will overwrite the existing customization. To retain the existing customization, edit the files instead as described in Modifying the JavaScript files.

To replace the JavaScript files:

  1. On the Maximo server, copy the specific linkdocs.jsp file from the Asset Management Module <Setup> sub-folder to the corresponding sub-folder of the Maximo application that you want integrate. For example, copy <Setup>\Maximo <Version> JSPs\app\equipment\linkdocs.jsp to <Maximo>\app\equipment\linkdocs.jsp where <Version> is the version of Maximo that is installed.
  2. Repeat step 1 for each Maximo application that you want to integrate with the Asset Management Module.
  3. Copy <Setup>\Maximo JSPs\common\linkdocsheader.jsp to <Maximo>\jsp\common\linkdocs.

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