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Configuring the proxy document type

The proxy document acts in the place of a folder in its relationships with objects. Configuring a proxy document type causes the Objects property page to appear for the proxy documents and all existing folder types. The page is not shown for other documents. When the page is shown for a folder, the page contains a Go to Proxy Document button. When clicked, focus shifts to the proxy document in the active folder.

Note The visibility of the Objects property page for proxy documents and folders can be controlled with the AMMTagsPageIsVisible function described in AMMTagsPageIsVisible function.

To configure the proxy document type:

  1. Create a dedicated document type in Configurator as described in the BlueCielo Meridian Enterprise Configuration Guide. This document type should not be used for any other purpose. It can have any name and its only requirement is that its Type be set to General.
  2. Select the new document type for the Proxy document type option described in Configuring the document to object relationships .

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