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Configuring the AutoCAD P&ID link

Besides the link for standard AutoCAD that is described in Configuring the AutoCAD link, the Asset Management Module also installs a special link for AutoCAD P&ID. This link supports property synchronization as described in the BlueCieloMeridian Enterprise Configuration Guide. The link also supports object to attribute synchronization as described in this topic. Configuring the attribute synchronization is similar to configuring standard AutoCAD title block synchronization as described in the BlueCieloMeridian Enterprise Configuration Guide.

Synchronizing Meridian Enterprise object properties with drawing attributes requires that the object have:

The properties can be automatically synchronized (disabled by default). When enabled, the synchronization occurs from the Meridian Enterprise properties to the asset attributes in the drawing when the drawing is opened. The drawing must be saved to save any attribute updates. When the drawing is closed, the synchronization is repeated from the drawing to the Meridian Enterprise properties.

To configure the AutoCAD P&ID link:

  1. In Configurator, expand Environment in the configuration tree and select Application Link Settings. The settings for each link appear in property pages in the right pane.
  2. Click the AutoCAD tab. The AutoCAD link’s settings page appears in the right pane.
  3. Click the Edit button to modify the settings.

Tip    To export the settings file to your computer, click the Export button. This can be useful if you would rather edit the file in your favorite text editor. You can then copy your changes to the Clipboard and paste them into Configurator.

  1. Locate the section of the file labeled [AssetSettings]. If the section does not exist, you can create it.
  2. Edit or create the settings described in the following table.
AutoCAD P&ID link settings
Setting Description


Works the same as the AutoUpdate settings in the standard AutoCAD P&ID link described in the BlueCielo Meridian Enterprise Configuration Guide. The settings there affect property synchronization with the AutoCAD P&ID project and drawing files only. The setting here affects property synchronization with asset attributes only.

The possible values of AutoUpdate are:

0 - Updates are disabled on OPEN on SAVE (the default)
1 - Updates are enabled on OPEN, but disabled on SAVE
2 - Updates are enabled on SAVE, but disabled on OPEN
3 - Updates are always enabled


Names of asset types to hide in the Drawing tags dialog box and to exclud from automatic synchronization. If multiple type names begin with the same characters, you can type a single wildcard character to match the names (for example, Valves.*).


Comma-separated list of the names of all asset types to synchronize. Each name should have its own corresponding section of settings as described in the following steps. If multiple type names begin with the same characters and they all use the same settings, you can type a single wildcard character to match the names (for example, Equipment.*). However, if you want to specify different settings for each type, you must list each name separately and create a separate settings section for it.


Name of the attribute tag that contains the object number. If not specified, then the AutoCAD P&ID tag number is used.


If set to 1, the name of the AutoCAD P&ID asset type will be saved in the Meridian Enterprise property that is configured for the Object indication property as described in Configuring the document to object relationships . If set to 0, the property is not updated. The type must be included in the [MappedAssetTypes] section.

  1. Locate the sections for each attribute type listed in the MappedAssetTypes setting. If the sections does not exist, you can create them.The lines in these sections specify the AutoCAD P&ID attributes that you want to synchronize.
  2. On consecutive lines in each section, list the attributes that you want to synchronize, one line per attribute. For each attribute, specify the Meridian Enterprise property set and property name to which you want it synchronized. Also specify a flag if the attribute should be read-only (RO) or write-only (WO). By default, attribute are read/write (RW).

    Use the following format for each line:


    If multiple assets in the same asset type have the same property mappings, you can list the asset names in an Aliases setting and specify the mappings only once. For example, Aliases=Instrumentation.NS, Instrumentation.T, Nozzles. If multiple asset names begin with the same characters, you can type a single wildcard character to match the names (for example, Instrumentation.*)


  1. Click OK to save your changes.
  2. Test the link thoroughly by synchronizing each attribute.

Following is an example of the settings described in this task.

MappedAssetTypes=Equipment.*, Instrumentation.TT
; Default: AutoUpdate=0


Aliases=Instrumentation.*, Gauges