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Configuring tag filters

If the attribute tag values (in combinations or with prefixes or suffixes as described elsewhere) in the drawings exactly match the corresponding object names, modifying the attribute tag values is not necessary. However, in some scenarios, the values and names might not exactly match. For example, they might contain spaces or other separator characters that are not included in the object names. In such a scenario, you can configure a tag filter to remove or replace the separator character with a different character or with no character.

To configure a tag filter:

  1. In the TAGBLOCK section described in Configuring the AutoCAD link for each block that contains an attribute tag value that needs to be modified, specify one or more source and replacement character pairs in a TagFilters setting. The source and replacement characters must each be surrounded with double quotation marks. Each character pair must be included in braces [] with the Replace filter keyword.

For example, TagFilters=[Replace " " ""] would remove the space characters from an attribute tag value such as Z827 1880 8A and return Z82718808A. The filter [Replace " " "-"] would replace the space characters from an attribute tag value such as Z827 1880 8A with hyphens and return Z827-1880-8A.

You may specify multiple Replace filters in the same TagFilters setting to accomodate different character pairs, for example, TagFilters=[Replace " " ""] [Replace "-" ""] would remove both spaces and hyphens from the tag values.

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