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About configuring Meridian Explorer

After a repository has been created and synchronized with its source vaults, its configuration contains only the default information necessary for basic operation. To expand the repository's functionality and customize it for users' requirements, you must modify the configuration.

The configuration includes the following areas:

For Asset Management Module use, you must create at least one document or object filter. If direct linking is in effect as described in Direct linking using property matching, a document filter must be created. If indirect linking is in effect as described in Indirect linking using object references, an object tag filter must be created. If both linking types are in effect, both filter types must be created.

The Asset Management Module can work with any Meridian Explorer document view. We recommend that you use an existing view to confirm that the related documents are shown correctly and then determine if either modifying the view definition or creating a new view dedicated for use with the Asset Management Module is necessary.

Creating filters and the URLs that use them are described in the following topics. For additional information about Meridian Explorer configuration, including view creation, see the BlueCielo Meridian Enterprise Server Administrator's Guide.