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AMMMainTagDocumentId function

This user-defined function is invoked when users select a folder. Implement this function to return the ID of the main tag object associated with the active folder. If this function returns the ID of an existing document of the document type that is specified for the Object document type option on the AMM Settings tab, then the Where Used property page of the main tag object is shown for the active folder.

Function AMMMainTagDocumentId () 

This function accepts no parameters.


The following example merely returns the first tag document found in the active folder. The function can be implemented with different search criteria to return a more specific tag document.

Function AMMMainTagDocumentId ()
    Dim Criteria
    Dim FolderDocuments 

    Criteria = Array(Array _
                    'Internal name of the Parent Folder ID property
                    ("AMDocumentPropertySet.*XC4800881716f11d1b47b000000000000%", _
                     IC_OP_EQUALS, Folder.ID))

    'Search in the folder
    Set FolderDocuments = Vault.FindDocuments(,Array("TagObject"), Criteria, False)

    If FolderDocuments.Count > 0 Then
        'Return the first document ID
        'Your implementation should return the document ID
        'that meets your requirements
    	AMMMainTagDocumentId = FolderDocuments.Document(0).ID
    End If
End Function

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