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AMMGetCustomColumnValues function

Returns an array of column values for the Drawing Tags dialog.

Function AMMGetCustomColumnValues(TagId As String, Status As Byte, VaultObjectProperties As String, 
DrawingObjectProperties As String) As String




Tag number.


Tag reference status described in the following table.


Array of the property values for the Meridian Enterprise object in the form Array(AMObjectId, Referenced).

The dimensions of the array are as follows:

  • AMObjectId – a string value that uniquely identifies the object in Meridian Enterprise. If the object is not found in Meridian Enterprise, the value is Nothing.
  • Referenced – a Boolean value indicating whether the object has a tag reference.


Array of the property values for the asset in the form Array(TagType, X, Y, LayerName, PnIDProperties).

The dimensions of the array are as follows:

  • TagType – The string name of the tag type.
  • X – A string that contains the X coordinate provided by PnIDLink_GetAssetCoordinates.
  • Y – A string that contains the Y coordinate provided by PnIDLink_GetAssetCoordinates.
  • LayerName – The string name of the layer on which the asset exists.
  • PnIDProperties – An array of property values for the asset in the form Array(PnIDProperty1, … PnIDPropertyN). The names of the properties are returned by the AMMPropertiesToBeRequested function.
Status parameter byte values
Value Status A B C D E F Comment
0 NotDefined Status is not calculated yet. This status cannot be sent during a correct request.
1 Ok + + + + - -  
2 NotLinked + + - + - -  
3 OnlyInDocument - + n/a n/a n/a -  
4 MismatchFound + + - - - -  
5 MismatchReferenced + + + - - -  
6 CoercedReference + - + n/a - n/a  
7 OnlyInVault + - - n/a - n/a Object with this status exists just after unlink vault object with CoercedReference status. If the object will not be relinked (by Link or Assign) then the row will be deleted on the next refresh.
8 DuplicatesInVault + ? ? ? + -  
9 DuplicatesInDrawing ? + ? ? - +  
10 Duplicates + + ? ? + +  
254 Error Status calculation failed for any reason.

A – Vault object exists

B – Drawing object exists

C – Reference exists

D – Tag type of vault object is matched with one of drawing object

E – Vault objects with duplicate tag values exist

F – Drawing objects with duplicate tag values exist

? – Condition is not checked

n/a – not available

Function AMMGetCustomColumnValues(TagId, Status, VaultObjectProperties, DrawingObjectProperties)
 Dim mCustomColumnValues(1)
    Dim mArray
    If Not IsNull(DrawingObjectProperties) And IsArray(DrawingObjectProperties) Then
        mArray = DrawingObjectProperties(4)
        If Not IsNull(mArray) And IsArray(mArray) Then
            mCustomColumnValues(0) = mArray(0)
            AMMGetCustomColumnValues = mCustomColumnValues
        End If
    End If
End Function

Called for every asset in the drawing.