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AIMS_Commands function

Adds up to three custom Meridian Enterprise command buttons to the Meridian Explorer feedback page.

Function AIMS_Commands() As Array

This function accepts no parameters


Each command button can run a VBScript function in the context of the current document in the Meridian Enterprise vault as demonstrated in the following example. The function must return an array of arrays that each define the command button caption and the name of a function to invoke when the button is clicked.

Function AIMS_Commands()
    'For each button, provide a caption and function name in an array
    btnA = Array("Command A", "Do_ButtonA")
    btnB = Array("Command B", "Do_ButtonB")
    btnC = Array("Command C", "Do_ButtonC")
    'Return the array of commands
    AIMS_Commands= Array(btnA , btnB , btnC)
End Function

Sub Do_ButtonA()
    Document.Area1= "A"
    Document.ChangeManagementRemarks = "Option A chosen"
    Document.Log "Button A clicked at : " & CStr(Vault.ServerTimeGMT)
End Sub

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