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Getting technical support

Technical support for BlueCielo products is available from a variety of sources if you have an active support contract. Your first source of support is the authorized contacts designated by your company to participate in the support contract. They are the persons that are responsible for resolving problems with BlueCielo software before contacting outside sources of support. If your company works with a BlueCielo Partner, that partner is your second source of support. BlueCielo Partners are responsible for providing technical support to their customers in order to maintain their status as BlueCielo Partners. BlueCielo will assist the partner company, if necessary, to help resolve your problem. If your company is a direct BlueCielo customer, your authorized contacts may communicate directly with BlueCielo to resolve your problem.

BlueCielo Partners and direct customers have access to all of these BlueCielo technical support resources:

The available support contract options, terms, and other details are described in these documents that are available from your BlueCielo Partner or on the BlueCielo extranet:

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