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Hyperlinking to items

You can create hyperlinks to repository items in any other application that supports URL addresses. However, because of the design of Meridian Explorer and its ability to store multiple revisions of the same item, creating a hyperlink is not as simple as with the typical website. Copying the current browser address when an item's property pages are visible is not sufficient to hyperlink to the item. Instead, you need a special URL that refers to the current revision of the item. In Meridian Explorer, the URL is called a permalink. A permalink will always refer to the same revision regardless of whether the revision is superceded by a new revision.

To hyperlink to a document, project folder, or object tag:

  1. On any view page, right-click anywhere over the row of the item to which you want to create a hyperlink. A shortcut menu of the available commands appears.
  2. Select Permalink. A dialog box appears that contains the correct URL to the current item.
  3. Copy the URL to the Clipboard or click Mail to to send an email message that contains the URL.
  4. Click Close.
  5. Paste the URL into the application where you want to create the hyperlink.

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