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Configuring download options

The current download options determine where files are downloaded from Meridian Explorer to your computer and what to do afterward.

To configure download options:

  1. On the Home page, click Settings. The Settings pane appears.
  2. Click Download Options. The BlueCielo Upload/Download Control dialog box appears.
  3. Click options or type values using the descriptions in the following table.
Download options
Option Description

Download location

Click the browse button and select a location on your computer where you want files to download unless Download to Local Workspace is enabled.

Download to Local Workspace

Downloads documents to your Meridian Enterprise Local Workspace folder.

Prompt before download

Displays the BlueCielo Upload/Download Control dialog every time documents are downloaded so that you can select different options each time.

Open folder in Windows Explorer

After the documents are downloaded, opens the download location in Windows Explorer so that you can easily open files for editing.

Open in application

If only one document has been downloaded, opens the document for editing. The file will be opened in the application that is registered with Windows on your computer for the downloaded file type.

  1. Click OK.

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