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Changing the column layout

The columns that are shown in the results pane and their order are configured by a system administrator, but you can change the column layout to suit your preferences.

To resize a column:

  1. Hover the pointer over the right end of the column heading until the resize cursor appears.
  2. Click and drag the column edge to the desired size and then release the column

To move a column:

  1. Click and drag the column heading to the desired location as indicated by the arrow icons and then release the column.

To add or remove columns:

  1. Click the menu button for any column. The column menu appears.
  2. Point to Columns. A menu of the available columns appears.
  3. Select or clear column names.
  4. Click anywhere outside of the menu. The results pane refreshes to show the column changes.

To sort the results list on a column:

  1. Click the column heading. Click the heading again to reverse the sort order.


  1. Click the menu button for the column and then select Sort Ascending or Sort Descending from the menu that appears.

Note    The properties that may be selected for sorting are configured by a system administrator.

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