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About property pages

Every document and object tag displays at least one property page named Properties in Meridian Explorer. Additional property pages may also be available depending on the document type or object tag type and the configuration of the repository. Property pages appear in the detail pane of view pages and in separate detail pages. The property pages may be different or similar for the same items in the Meridian Enterprise source vault and the Meridian Explorer repository.

To show the property pages of a document or object tag:




  1. On any view page, right-click anywhere over the row of a document or object tag. A shortcut menu of the available commands appears.
  2. Point to Properties and select Open in a new page. A new detail page opens in the Meridian Explorer window and shows the item's property pages.

Opening detail pages is mostly useful for conveniently comparing the properties of multiple items.

Detail pages also display the Options ribbon that contains the commands that are available for the document or object tag. The commands shown in the ribbon are the same commands that are available on the shortcut menu that is shown in the results pane. For information about using the commands in the Options ribbon, see the related topics elsewhere in this guide.

Property pages can be of numerous types that display different information about the selected document. The names of property pages are configurable by a system administrator, which can make the page type and its use unapparent. Descriptions and usage of each type of property page are described in the following topics. For more information about the availability and purposes of custom property pages used by your organization, consult a system administrator.

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