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NEW  Working with main objects

A system administrator may have configured your vault to use main objects. A main object is typically one object within a folder that is considered the most important or that is the parent of the other objects. The precise definition of a main object depends on the design of your environment. Consult a system administrator if you do not know how main objects are used in your organization.

When a vault is configured to support main objects, besides being shown for the objects themselves, the Where Used property page is shown for the parent folder of the main object. The page lists the documents to which the main object is linked. You can click the Go to Main Object button on the page to shift focus to the main object. You can manage the document links of the main object with the Manage Links button on the Where Used page of either the folder or the main object itself. For more information about managing links, see Linking objects to a document and Linking documents to an object.

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