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Linking documents to an object

Linking a document to an object creates a Meridian Enterprise reference between the selected object and the selected documents in the vault. The reference is made with the TagObject Reference type. The reference becomes the link between document data in the vault and asset data in the maintenance management system that enables users of either system to view the data in the other system.

Tip    Linking documents to an object and linking objects to a document as described in Linking objects to a document accomplish the same thing. The only difference is the point of reference, an object or a document. You can use either method depending on which is more convenient for you.

To link documents to an object:

  1. Select the object in PowerUser to which you want to link documents. For information on finding objects, see Searching for objects.
  2. Click the Where Used tab. The Where Used property page lists the documents that are already linked to the selected object. Confirm that the documents that you want to link are not already linked.
  3. Click Manage Links. The Manage Object Links dialog box appears similar to the following figure.

The dialog contains three sections. You use the top section to search for documents to link. The middle section shows all of the documents that match the search criteria and that are not yet linked to the selected object. The bottom section shows the currently linked documents.

  1. Type search criteria in the top section of the dialog and click Find. Any matching documents appear in the middle section.
  2. Select the documents in the middle section of the dialog that you want to link to the selected object and click Create Link. The documents are moved to the bottom section of the dialog.

    Tip    Press and hold the Ctrl key while clicking to add or remove documents from your selection. Press and hold the Shift key while clicking to select consecutive documents.

  3. When you are finished linking documents, click Close.

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