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Creating new objects

Creating a new object in the vault creates a new proxy to represent an asset. However, the new object will not be synchronized with the maintenance management system and will not be available to maintenance users. Therefore, you should contact a maintenance management system user to add the desired object to the system for you. The object will then become available in the Meridian Enterprise vault after the next synchronization with the maintenance management system.

To create a new object:

  1. Confirm that the object does not already exist. For this, you can use the Find Objects command described in Searching for objects.
  2. Select the document in PowerUser to which you want to link the object that you will create.
  3. View the objects that are currently linked to the document as described in Viewing linked objects.
  4. Click Manage Links. The Manage Document Links dialog box appears.
  5. Click New Object. New object data appears in the linked objects list. You can add data to the object in a later step.
  6. When you are finished creating objects, click Close.
  7. When you are finished working with the objects that are linked to the selected document, Click OK to save your changes. The last object that you created becomes the selected object.
  8. To add information to the new object, click Edit. The property pages become editable.
  9. Select or type information just as you would for a document.
  10. When you are finished adding information, Click OK to save your changes.

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