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NEW  Creating and linking proxy documents

A proxy document represents its parent folder in relationships with asset objects. You can also think of the proxy document as representing all of the normal documents that are contained within the parent folder. Objects that you link to the proxy document are considered by the Asset Management Module to be linked to the parent folder and thereby to all of the normal documents that reside in that folder.

To create and link a proxy document:

  1. In the folder that you want to link to a set of objects, create a new document of the proxy document type. Consult with a system administrator if you do not know which document type to use. Create only one proxy document in any folder. For more information about creating documents from document types, see the BlueCielo Meridian Enterprise User's Guide.
  2. Link the proxy document to the objects that are related to all of the other documents that will reside in the same folder as the proxy document. For more information on linking documents to objects, see Linking objects to a document.

The objects that are listed on the Objects page of the proxy document should also now appear on the Objects page of the parent folder. Every non-proxy document that resides in the folder (including new documents) will now be associated with the same set of objects as are linked to the proxy document. This is even though the Objects page does not appear for the normal documents. You can manage the links to the proxy document by clicking the Manage Links button on the Objects page of either the folder or the proxy document itself.

To locate the proxy document for a specific folder:

  1. In the Explorer view, select the folder for which you want to find its proxy document.
  2. On the Objects property page, click Go to Proxy Document. Focus shifts to the proxy document.

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