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About the integration with Maximo

Even without the Asset Management Module, Maximo provides a Linked Documents page that shows documents that are linked to the selected object. However, Maximo provides no formal revision control, workflow, or approval processes for these documents. You are never sure if you are looking at an up-to-date or obsolete document. This can lead to costly errors in both the maintenance and engineering departments because the incorrect revision of a document can been linked.

Meridian Enterprise provides the necessary control over documents, their revisions, workflow, and approval along with managing links to externally referenced documents. When integrated with a maintenance management system, the two systems work together to provide a comprehensive solution that eliminates costly errors caused by working with incorrect or obsolete object information or documents.

If you are a maintenance department user, little change to your work methods is required; you can continue to use Maximo normally. But you will notice additional information on the Attached Documents or Linked Documents page or an Engineering Documents button on certain Maximo forms. When the button is clicked, the related document information is shown in Meridian Explorer in a web browser window as described in About working in Meridian Explorer. This additional functionality is provided by the Asset Management Module and the information that is shown resides in a Meridian Explorer repository that is synchronized with a Meridian Enterprise vault.

Note    In the remainder of this document, the term Linked Documents refers to the corresponding page described above, depending on the version of Maximo installed by your organization.

The integration and configuration of Maximo with Meridian Enterprise is described in the BlueCielo Meridian Asset Management Module Administrator's Guide. This guide only describes the Asset Management Module features that are shown in Maximo. This functionality may be similar to or may be absent from other maintenance management systems integrated with the Asset Management Module.

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