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Understanding the generic integration

The integration of the Asset Management Module with maintenance management systems other than IBM Maximo is designed in a generic way that can be implemented with almost any maintenance management system. The integration is illustrated in the following figure.

For the maintenance management system users, a custom button is typically added to the user interface of the maintenance management system. This button executes a link program and passes parameters that identify the asset that the user requested. The program converts the parameters to a URL and opens Internet Explorer with the URL, which requests from Meridian Explorer the documents that are linked to the requested asset. The user is shown web pages that are generated by an extension of the Meridian Explorer client application. The Asset Management Module contains a prototype link program that can be called from a maintenance management system. For more information about the link program, see Understanding BCSAP.

For the Meridian Enterprise users, Meridian Enterprise installs extensions for the PowerUser client application. These extensions allow users to manage references between objects (assets) and documents stored in a Meridian Enterprise vault. For more about these extensions, the BlueCielo Meridian Asset Management Module User’s Guide.

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