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Understanding the AMMTagLinkSynchronizer project

The AMMTagLinkSynchronizer project is an application that creates references between objects and documents in a Meridian Enterprise vault. The application is provided as-is and is not supported. However, the Visual C# source code of the application is available in the Asset Management Module distribution package. This makes it possible to adapt the application to meet specific requirements.

The AMMTagLinkSynchronizer application supports a two-step process. In the first step, the objects are created in the vault such as by AMMTagSynchronizer described in Understanding the AMMTagSynchronizer project. In the second step, you use AMMTagLinkSynchronizer to create the references. Each record in a search result from an intermediate file is processed and creates one or more references. It is expected that the file has at least two columns: one column that contains object names and one column that contains related document names. The application does not create objects in Meridian Enterprise nor does it delete existing references.

The AMMTagLinkSynchronizer application supports several other features:

When AMMTagSynchronizer is started without command line arguments, the application starts in interactive mode. The application is configured as described in Configuring AMMTagSynchronizer.

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