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Specifying configuration properties

The AMMSection control can be configured using Meridian Explorer properties. These properties can be specified in the file <Meridian Explorer>\applications\Meridian Explorer\properties\Meridian

The AMMSection control uses the following properties:



The keys location, asset, and wotrack refer to columns in the table of the Maximo database where the main data for the selected object are stored.

For example, when an asset is selected, the documents related to the asset location can be added to the search result by setting the parameter: 

Note    Prior to Meridian Asset Management Module 2012, the most common way to map assets to objects and documents in Meridian Enterprise was by using multivalue arguments that were concatenated by a separator, for example, location=BEDFORD-BR450. Since version 2012, this configuration can be simplified by using single value arguments, for example, location=BR450&site=BEDFORD.

Meridian Explorer supports both ways for compatibility with prior Asset Management Module configurations. However, because single values arguments are more intuitive and transparent, this guide and the default configuration files use single value arguments by default. For Maximo 5 integration, only multivalue argument examples are shown because we assume that way is the most useful for Maximo 5 users. For more examples, see Link document query strings for Maximo 5.x and the default configuration files.

In another example, the following parameter will add location and asset documents to a work order:


In this example, two additional search keys are added. Multiple search keys can be configured by separating them by a semicolon.

These samples can also be found in the file <Setup>\Meridian Explorer\Meridian Explorer 6\Meridian

Note    The specific URL that is created by Control.jsp, and the values of the amm.additionalkeys and amm.rootURL properties will differ with each implementation. In this respect, the configuration files in the Asset Management Module should be regarded as samples that need to be modified during the installation of the module. Therefore, it is important that the person installing the module know how to modify the JavaScript controls in Maximo.

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