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Integrating with other maintenance management systems

The open architecture of the Asset Management Module can integrate Meridian Enterprise into almost any maintenance management system. The maintenance management system can be either web-based (and be integrated similar to Maximo) or Windows-based. In either case, the integration is done at the level of the user interface. The Asset Management Module presents its user interface as a web page. To integrate with any maintenance management system, this web page should be available in the user interface of the maintenance management system, for example, from a hyperlink, a button, or by showing the page as part of the user interface of the maintenance management system itself. When showing Meridian Explorer, the maintenance management system should provide arguments that allow the module to determine what object the user has currently selected.

For the Asset Management Module to show the correct related documents, relationships must be defined between the object identifiers in the maintenance management system (for example, tags, location numbers, and so on) and documents in Meridian Explorer. These relationships can be configured in the Asset Management Module between any arguments supplied by the maintenance management system and properties in Meridian Explorer repository. The arguments will usually be unique identifiers, but may also be other properties of the object, or they may be identifiers or properties of related objects.

With good knowledge of the maintenance management system, integration with the Asset Management Module can usually be achieved in several days.

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