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Integrating with Maximo 5

The web pages that are generated by Meridian Explorer are shown in Maximo 5 by an inline frame that is inserted in the Maximo Linked Documents pages. In total, there are 20 Linked Documents pages in which the inline frame can be used.

The Linked Documents pages are generated by multiple JavaScript files (each named linkdocs.jsp) that reside in subfolders of <Maximo>\jsp\app. If you have not made any changes to the original JavaScript files installed by Maximo 5.1 or 5.2, you can use replacement files supplied with the Asset Management Module that have already have the inline frame inserted in them. Proceed as described in Replacing the JavaScript files.

If you have customized the original JavaScript files, you need to edit the files to add references to Meridian Explorer. Proceed as described in Modifying the JavaScript files.

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