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Direct linking using property matching

Property matching is the most convenient method if a document in the Meridian Explorer repository is only related to a single object type in the maintenance management system. Property matching can also be used if a document is related to one each of multiple object types, such as an asset number and a location.

With this method, the relationship is established by matching the value of a property of the Meridian Enterprise document to the value of a property in the maintenance management system. Which properties are used and which comparison operator (for example, equals or contains) is used is defined by filters in the Asset Management Module configuration. Each filter relates a single argument (type of asset in the maintenance management system) to a single property in Meridian Enterprise.

The matching process performs the following steps:

  1. When a document is requested by the maintenance management system, integration code sends a URL to Meridian Explorer with a query string that contains arguments that identify the selected asset. For example, eqnum=11430&site=BEDFORD.
  1. Based on the configured filters, the Meridian Explorer properties that match the passed arguments are determined, for example, Custom.EquipmentNumber for eqnum.
  2. In Meridian Explorer, a query is executed to find all documents for which the value of the filter property matches the argument value, for example, Custom.EquipmentNumber=11430 and Custom.Site=BEDFORD.

This method provides a great deal of flexibility in defining the relationships between assets and Meridian Enterprise documents.

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