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NEW  Creating the Web Access pages

Meridian Enterprise Web Client users can create and remove document to object links using special external pages. These pages can be configured in the vault and shown only to web browser users. These pages are similar to the Objects and Where Used pages that are available to PowerUser users.

To create the Asset Management Module Web Access pages:

  1. Create two custom property pages in Meridian Enterprise Configurator as described in the BlueCielo Meridian Asset Management Module Configuration Guide, one for the Objects page and one for the Where Used page.
  2. On the General tab, enable the Use external URL option in both.
  3. For the URL of each page, type the corresponding expression:

Server=" & Vault.ServerName & "&VaultName=" & Vault.Name & "&DOCID=" & Document.ID
Server=" & Vault.ServerName & "&VaultName=" & Vault.Name & "&DOCID=" & Document.ID
  1. Apply the Objects page to the document types that are used for documents and apply the Where Used page to the document types that are used for asset objects.
  2. On the Visibility tab, enable the This expression is True option and set the expression to Client.Type = "HTML".

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