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NEW  Configuring the Where Used page

Configuring the proxy document type as described in NEW Configuring the proxy document type enables the Objects page for folders. That page shows the objects that are referenced by the proxy document and thereby implicitly associated with the folder and its contents. The Where Used page can also be enabled for the reverse direction of the relationships. It shows the proxy document itself that references the objects in a folder. Clicking the Go to Main Object button on the page will shift focus to the main tag object in the active folder.

Note    The visibility of the Where Used property page for objects and folders can be controlled by the AMMWhereUsedPageIsVisible function described in AMMWhereUsedPageIsVisible function. For example, it can be implemented to only show the Where Used page on the main tag object.

To configure the Where Used page:

  1. Implement the AMMUseMainTag function described in NEW AMMUseMainTag function. The logic can be anything that you decide is required to return True and thereby enable the Where Used page.
  2. Implement the AMMMainTagDocumentId function described in NEW AMMMainTagDocumentId function. The logic must return the ID of the main tag object for the active folder, which can be any object that meets your requirements.

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