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NEW  Configuring multiple objects in one block

By default, only one attribute tag value is extracted from each block and matched to an object name in the vault. If your blocks contain multiple object names in multiple attribute tag values within the same block, you can map each attribute tag to a specific object type.

To configure multiple tags in one block:

  1. In the TAGBLOCK section described in Configuring drawing tag extraction for each block that contains multiple tags, add a TagFields setting. This setting is an comma-separated list of multiple attribute tag names in the block that each contain values to be extracted. If this setting is configured, the TagProperty setting is ignored.

The syntax of this setting is:


Where <ObjectType> is the object type to associate with the corresponding tag value instead of the default object type for the block that is specified in the TagType setting.

Following is an example of one complete TAGBLOCK section for multiple attribute tags:


In this example for a block named BLOCK1, the tag numbers in the attribute tags ATTR1 and ATTR3 (object types are not specified) are linked to the object type Equipment (the default for the block). The tag number in the tag ATTR2 is linked to the object type Instrument (specified). And the tag number in the tag ATTR4 is linked to the object type Other (specified).

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