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NEW  Configuring folder synchronization

Users can synchronize their (local or shared) workspace with the vault to create any missing project folders so that they can work outside of the vault. By default, all existing subfolders are created in the workspace folder. If your organization typically creates other subfolders that aren't needed by AutoCAD or AutoCAD P&ID, you can exclude them from the synchronization to save synchronization time and disk space. You can exclude the folders of a certain folder type or folders with specified property values.

To configure folder synchronization:

  1. In Configurator, expand Environment in the configuration tree and select Application Link Settings. The settings for each application link appear in property pages in the right pane.
  2. Click the AutoCAD tab. The AutoCAD settings page appears in the right pane.
  3. Click the Edit button to modify the settings.

    Tip To export the settings file to your computer, click the Export button. This can be useful if you would rather edit the file in your favorite text editor. You can then copy your changes to the Clipboard and paste them into Configurator.

  1. Locate the section of the settings that begins with [PnIDFolderDefinition]. If the section does not yet exit, create it at the bottom of the file.

    Tip    You can type comments in the file by beginning each line with a semicolon (;).

  2. Create or modify the settings using the descriptions in the following table.
Folder synchronization settings
Setting Description


The name of the folder type to include in synchronization.


The name of a folder property. The value of this property must match the FolderPropertyValue setting to be included in synchronization.


The value of the property specified in FolderPropertyName to include in synchronization.

Tip    You can find the names of property sets and properties on the Properties page of each folder type definition.

Following is an example of one complete [PnIDFolderDefinition] section:

  1. Click OK to save your changes.

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