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Configuring BCSAP

BCSAP.exe is configured in the file named BCSAP.exe.config.

To configure BCSAP:

  1. Open BCSAP.exe.config in any text editor.
  2. Modify the settings using the descriptions in the following table. Specify correct values for all the relevant URLFormat arguments. Proper values for at least RootURL and VIEWID (optionally using the built-in place holders) must be configured. Typically, a DOCFILTER or a TAGFILTER (or both) are used. Make sure that the argument names (LOC, TAGNR) match the values configured in the Meridian Explorer filter definitions. Finally, make sure that the arguments provided match the placeholders in the URLFormat definitions.
BCSAP configuration settings
Name Description Example Remark


URL used for object type FL. Up to 4 argument values are supported {ROOTURL}?VIEWID={VIEWID}&TAGFILTER={TAGFILTER}&DOCFILTER={DOCFILTER}&LOC={LOC}&VIEWMODE=DETAILS LOC must match the Meridian Explorer document filter definition


URL for object type EQ. Up to 4 argument values are supported {ROOTURL}?VIEWID={VIEWID}&TAGFILTER={TAGFILTER}&DOCFILTER={DOCFILTER}&LOC={LOC}}&TAGNR={EQ}&VIEWMODE=DETAILS LOC, TAGNR must match the Meridian Explorer filter definitions


URL for object type WO. Up to 4 argument values are supported {ROOTURL}?VIEWID={VIEWID}&TAGFILTER={TAGFILTER}&DOCFILTER={DOCFILTER}&LOC={0}&TAGNR={1}&WONUM={2}&VIEWMODE=DETAILS LOC, TAGNR, WONUM must match the Meridian Explorer filter definitions


Meridian Explorer document view name DOC_E91E5 Placeholder in URLFormat


Meridian Explorer document filter name docfbc Placeholder in URLFormat


Meridian Explorer tag filter name tagfab Placeholder in URLFormat


Basic URL to Meridian Explorer
Placeholder in URLFormat


Start Internet Explorer or not True, False, 1, 0  


Obsolete - For compatibility with older ICSAP configurations.
  1. Save your changes and close the file.

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