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About linking objects and documents

The relationships between objects (assets) in the maintenance management system and Meridian Enterprise documents can be made with the Asset Management Module using two methods:

Both property matching and object linking rely on arguments passed to the Asset Management Module from the maintenance management system. These arguments identify the asset currently selected in the maintenance management system and in some cases, other assets that are related to it. For example, when the user has a work order selected in Maximo and opens its Linked Documents page, arguments are passed to Meridian Explorer that identify the selected work order, (optionally) its associated equipment (and location), and the item associated with the equipment. The values used to identify the objects are typically the primary key values from the Maximo database although any parameter provided by the maintenance management system can be used.

With both linking methods, only documents that are explicitly shared from the Meridian Enterprise vault will be shown in the maintenance management system. A document is shared with the maintenance management system by setting its Status – Published property to True.

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