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NEW  AMMTagsManageLinksIsAllowed function

User-defined function that controls activation of the Manage Links button in the Manage Document Links dialog box. The button is enabled if this function is not defined or returns True. The button is disabled if this function is defined and returns False.

Function AMMTagsManageLinksIsAllowed()

This function accepts no parameters.

Function AMMTagsManageLinksIsAllowed()
  ' The current document is a proxy document
  ' Search for main tag
  Dim TagObject
  Set TagObject = FindDoc(Document.ParentFolder.ID, "_O", ".obj", "Object")    
  ' If main tag was not found, use proxy document.
  If TagObject Is Nothing Then
    TagObject = Document
  End If
  ' Allow editing when document is not released.
  AMMTagsManageLinksIsAllowed = TagObject.WorkFlowState <> AS_WF_RELEASED
End Function


If the vault uses proxy documents for folder linking, the function must implement logic that determines whether the current document is a proxy document or is a main tag document as shown in the preceding example. For more information about folder linking, see NEW Configuring linking to folders.

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