Exporting a document metadata downloads a Microsoft® Excel® workbook that includes a spreadsheet that contains property values for the documents that you select. You can open the workbook in a compatible application for viewing, formatting, and printing.

Note    The file is saved in Excel 97-2003 (.xls) format.

To export document metadata:

  1. On any view page, confirm that the results list contains the documents for which you want to export the property values.

To only export data for specific documents, select the documents in the results list. Otherwise, all documents in the results list will be selected for export.

  1. In the results pane toolbar, click Export. The Export to Excel dialog box appears. The Preview page shows the properties that will be exported as columns in the spreadsheet and the order of the columns. The order of the columns is as it was configured the last time that the document list was exported.

Note    The number of rows and the contents of the rows are shown for example only and do not resemble the data that will be exported.

  1. Click options or type values using the descriptions in the following table.
Excel Export options
Option Description

File Name

The name of the exported data file. You will be specified an opportunity to select the destination before the file is downloaded.

Export All Item(s)

Exports the quantity of items shown in Total Records.

Export selected item(s) only

Exports only the items that were selected in step 1. The quantity of items that will be exported is shown in Selected Records.

To configure the column layout to be the same as the results list, click Reset. The column layout refreshes to show the layout changes.

To configure the columns in a different layout, click the Configure columns tab. The column configuration options appear. The property sets and property definitions that are available for export are listed on the left side of the page. The property definitions that will be included in the exported data are listed on the right side of the page.

  1. Select one or more properties in the left side of the page, or select one or more columns in the right side of the page. Press and hold the Ctrl key while clicking to select individual criteria. Press and hold the Shift key while selecting the first and last criterion of a range of criteria.
  2. Click a button in the center of the page to add or remove columns or to move columns within the list on the right side of the page. For a description of each button, hover the pointer over the button.
  1. Click Export. Your browser's File Download dialog box appears.

Note    Your web browser will attempt to download the exported data file to your computer. If your browser's security settings block the download, you might need to adjust the settings and retry this task.

  1. Click Save to save the file on your computer. If the .xls file type is registered in Windows with an application, you can click Open to open the file immediately without saving it. The exported workbook file downloads to your computer.
  2. Click Close.

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