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Viewing revisions of a document

You can view the prior released revisions of the current document on the Revisions property page.

To view prior revisions:

  1. View the latest revision of the document as described in Viewing the latest revision of a document.
  2. Click the Revisions tab. The Revisions page appears and lists the revisions of the document. The list of revisions includes those that have been released over the history of the document for as long as it has resided in the Meridian Enterprise vault. The dates between which the revision was the latest released revision are also shown.
  3. Select a revision to show it in the viewer window. A small red dot appears in the list to indicate the revision that is currently being shown in the viewer.

Tip    To view the latest comments that have been added to the Comments property of the revision, hover the mouse pointer over a revision number. This can be useful to see comments that may have been entered when the revision was released.

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