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Viewing referenced documents

You can view the documents that are referenced by the current document on the References property page. Referenced documents may be other documents that reside in the vault and that have been manually linked by Meridian Enterpriseusers. Or they may be documents that were created automatically by Meridian Enterprisethat are related to the selected document. They may also be documents that are externally referenced by the document itself, such as AutoCAD X-Refs.

To view referenced documents:

  1. View the latest revision of the document as described in Viewing the latest revision of a document.
  2. Click the References tab. The References page appears and shows the referenced documents in a layout similar to the thumbnail view of the Linked Documents page.
  3. To make a referenced document the current document and to show it in the viewer window, click its thumbnail image.

Note     The References page lists the documents that are referenced by the current document using any Meridian Enterprise reference type. Some examples of reference types are Replaced By, Replacement For, Master Project Copy, AutoCAD External Reference, AutoCAD Raster Image Reference. Your vault configuration may contain more or fewer reference types than these.

When any document is viewed, you have the option to view it full-screen by clicking the viewer button . Click the Close Window button to return to the normal maintenance management system pages.

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